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Hello there, this is Amar Mehta. I am an InfoTech engineering student. I am a music maniac, absolutely love it. A big time foodie and it goes both ways, I love eating as well as cooking. Also I adore clicking photos. Photography is my passion, a hobby which is very close to my heart. I tend to observe the things around me and that gives me ideas and inspirations. I love capturing the happy moments, so they stay there forever. I am a speed cuber too, khachak khichak khachak khichak khachak.. And done Videos too is a thing that I love capturing. And then editing it as well, really into Photoshop and Movie Maker. I also design print media, develop applications and websites and a programmer to create codes! Love speed, so I enjoy skating too. Well now you know me, well sort of!
I hope you will like my photos on the blog 😉 (y)

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