Colours Of Life


Colours Of Life

The world would’ve been a very dull place,
If it had only the blacks, whites and grays,
The beauty of life would’ve been gone,
Nothing would seem lovely- not the flowers, the rainbow or the dawn,
Colours are the essence, they complete the scene,
With shades of red, blue, pink and green,
Every colour has its story, is unique in a way,
About the different shades of life, they have a lot to say,
The colour white shows being pure and clean,
And blue is for the calm and serene,
Red is the shade of love, warmth and care,
And green is to grow and prosper fair,
Black is the hue of the dark, the colour of the night,
And yellow goes for everything that is happy and bright,
All these colours bring out the true beauty and grace,
They come together and make this world a lively and magnificent place.

– Henal Jhaveri

New Beginning.

That’s it! I QUIT, I can’t take it anymore,
Life’s too Harsh and there’s nothing to Live for,
This is the END, its all Black from here,
No changes can be made, not even a mere,
At some point of time, we all reach this low,
When everything seems Worthless and being Happy becomes something that we used to know,
At this phase, what one needs to do is accept things as they are,
Cause LIFE can’t be all Smiles and not even a single Scar,
So don’t waste your Time dwelling on what’s gone and done,
It’s the End of a thing that marks the rise of a new one,
Life’s out there with it’s Endless Possibilities and chances Infinite,
Go ahead, make a New Start and run for it with all your Might,
So the next time you feel like a LOSER, don’t just sit there Crying,
Remember the story of the spider who’s failure did not stop it from trying,
Keep in mind this one last thing,
This isn’t the end, but a possible NEW BEGINNING.
-Henal Jhaveri