At The Beach.

At The Beach.
Amidst the sea and the sands, lies the perfect place. The perfect place to chill, to hang out with your friends. Walking on the sand carelessly, running around or just peacefully standing in the wet sand while the water plays with your feet. It’s an awesome experience. The perfect place to have a little walk with your special someone. Hand in hand, in the peace and serenity. Yes beaches are quite romantic. They make u forget the actual world, the worries of each passing minute. You see children, those little architects building up tiny little castles or mountains. Everybody seems so happy.
-Henal Jhaveri

Of Stars And Smoke!

Of Stars And Smoke!

The festival of colours, the festival of lights,
Diwali is here, making the city livelier and brightening its nights,
Diyas, Lamps, Rangolis, Sweets,
Without these the festival’s incomplete,
The sky is like a canvas with splashes of colours here and there,
The air gets drastically polluted but no one really seems to care,
Its like adding fuel to the fire, polluting what’s already in a bad state,
Realise this and take control before its too late,
So this diwali instead of being stupid, light a diya, spread happiness and make someone smile,
And make this auspicious occasion a one that’s worthwhile.
-Henal Jhaveri

New Beginning.

That’s it! I QUIT, I can’t take it anymore,
Life’s too Harsh and there’s nothing to Live for,
This is the END, its all Black from here,
No changes can be made, not even a mere,
At some point of time, we all reach this low,
When everything seems Worthless and being Happy becomes something that we used to know,
At this phase, what one needs to do is accept things as they are,
Cause LIFE can’t be all Smiles and not even a single Scar,
So don’t waste your Time dwelling on what’s gone and done,
It’s the End of a thing that marks the rise of a new one,
Life’s out there with it’s Endless Possibilities and chances Infinite,
Go ahead, make a New Start and run for it with all your Might,
So the next time you feel like a LOSER, don’t just sit there Crying,
Remember the story of the spider who’s failure did not stop it from trying,
Keep in mind this one last thing,
This isn’t the end, but a possible NEW BEGINNING.
-Henal Jhaveri