Shell At The Shore.


It lays lost somewhere on the Shore,
The Pearl’s been taken, the Beauty’s no more,
What now remains are the bits and parts of the Shell,
Once considered a Treasure, but now doesn’t seem too well,
The Shell’s all broken, it’s Dirt and Dust Clad,
But times could change for it from the Present Bad,
As Someone might just find it and to their Collection it might Add.
-Henal Jhaveri

Go Green!

Go Green!

The sun rises in the east and spreads it light,
Making the world livelier and bright,
The wind gently blows around,
It’s like music and has a soothing sound,
The trees, they stand green and tall,
Extending their arms and providing shade for all,
The flowers, they are so pretty, so delicate,
A treat to the eyes and having fragrances great,
All this, all around us is Mother Nature,
Everything evolves around her- every leaf, every drop, every creature,
But things have changed- trees are cut, the air is no more pure,
And we have given the Earth a lot too much to endure,
We are exploiting the Earth for our needs and being selfish and mean,
If this goes on then finding a tall tree or a garden would be a rare scene,
We must preserve and conserve what’s left of it,
Every person needs to realise this and do their bit.
-Henal Jhaveri

New Beginning.

That’s it! I QUIT, I can’t take it anymore,
Life’s too Harsh and there’s nothing to Live for,
This is the END, its all Black from here,
No changes can be made, not even a mere,
At some point of time, we all reach this low,
When everything seems Worthless and being Happy becomes something that we used to know,
At this phase, what one needs to do is accept things as they are,
Cause LIFE can’t be all Smiles and not even a single Scar,
So don’t waste your Time dwelling on what’s gone and done,
It’s the End of a thing that marks the rise of a new one,
Life’s out there with it’s Endless Possibilities and chances Infinite,
Go ahead, make a New Start and run for it with all your Might,
So the next time you feel like a LOSER, don’t just sit there Crying,
Remember the story of the spider who’s failure did not stop it from trying,
Keep in mind this one last thing,
This isn’t the end, but a possible NEW BEGINNING.
-Henal Jhaveri

Picture Perfect.

I walk around the City with a Camera in my Hand,
Searching for unusual things and Capturing them if I can,
Worth a Thousand Words is a Picture,
A complete blend of Emotions, a perfect Mixture,
We are A Team- Me, My Camera and Us,
It speaks of Me by everything it does,
In this Fast Moving World where everything is at a Great Pace,
Where things change by a Second, A Picture is what Stays,
So Look Around You and find Things that create an Effect,
Cause You never know when the Moment might just be Picture Perfect!
-Henal Jhaveri.
Camera and Photo Courtesy- Samyak Mehta.

Igniting Young Minds.

A B C D,
The letters bring memories of childhood to me,
For the many unfortunate, these just seem empty,
They say ours is a free country, where all have equal rights and there exists democracy,
But the question that arises- Are We Really Free?
So bound by the burden of illiteracy,
While some achieve high degrees and doctorates,
Many remain uneducated due to their ill fates,
The key is education for all- Every Child, Every Corner,
Then will our country be one to truly honour,
So lets dream of a nation,
Where everybody has an equal opportunity to education,
Only then will the Light of Knowledge brighten the Shadow.
-Henal Jhaveri

Reach Out.

Aim High, Keep Your Ambitions Clear And Loud..

Reach Out, Dream As Big As The Clouds.

-Henal Jhaveri

Shades Of The Sun.

The sun setting at the horizon,
Marking the end of yet another day,
Time goes by, it doesn’t stop,
In the blink of a second things change,
People die, people are born,
And everyday life gives you something to think upon,
In distance, the sun keeps lowering,
This ain’t the end, but just the beginning,
Cause tomorrow it’ll rise back with a new dream, a new start,
A clean slate, a clean heart,
The sun now darkening the environment and escaping our sight,
Shall rise back tomorrow and brighten the world with it’s light.

-Henal Jhaveri