The Perfect Two.

The Perfect Two.
The Perfect Two.

Always there to tease you, to laugh at your silliness, to crack weird jokes on you, to be a helping hand, to wipe your tears, to always be by your side. Such are these weird creatures we fondly refer to as our ‘best friends’. They are very difficult to find, but once found the wait seems worthwhile. Best friends are the siblings we wish we had. We all have our little secrets with them which we know they’ll take to their graves and we’d do the same for them. A best friend is always there for you, no matter what. Friends come and go, they fall apart over mere misunderstandings and fights. But a best friend is one who gets through all the shit and at the end of the day would still be right there next to you calling you all crazy and stupid names. You feel all lonely, you know there’s someone to cheer you up. You screw up and nobody’s by your side, someone’s always got your back. People are mean to you, you know your bestie’s gonna kick their ass. A best friend knows you in and out, you can’t hide anything from them. They are like the FBI, can easily tell something is up with you by the look on your face. You can have plenty and plenty of friends, but only one would truly be interested in knowing about things that worry you, details about that cute guy, your innermost fears or just any random thing. And suddenly just these lines from the theme song of the awesomest TV show ever come to my mind-
“I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour..
I’ll be there for you, like I’ve been there before..
I’ll be there for you, cuz you’re there for me too.”
-Henal Jhaveri

At The Beach.

At The Beach.
Amidst the sea and the sands, lies the perfect place. The perfect place to chill, to hang out with your friends. Walking on the sand carelessly, running around or just peacefully standing in the wet sand while the water plays with your feet. It’s an awesome experience. The perfect place to have a little walk with your special someone. Hand in hand, in the peace and serenity. Yes beaches are quite romantic. They make u forget the actual world, the worries of each passing minute. You see children, those little architects building up tiny little castles or mountains. Everybody seems so happy.
-Henal Jhaveri

Water, When It Falls.

The soothing sound of water falling, the peace, the serenity- it seems like a perfect get away spot. Away from all the tension, the buzz and bruit of the city. Escape from the constant honking, the street side gaali galoch, the pressure of meeting deadlines, the emotional trauma and what not?! The water fall is a breath taking scene and the camera, it loves the fall. It’s a sight to capture. You could just get lost into it, well literally if you don’t know how to take a swim. 😛 So if tired of all the Mumbai mach mach, take a long drive and find your very own stress buster! 😉
-Henal Jhaveri

Shell At The Shore.


It lays lost somewhere on the Shore,
The Pearl’s been taken, the Beauty’s no more,
What now remains are the bits and parts of the Shell,
Once considered a Treasure, but now doesn’t seem too well,
The Shell’s all broken, it’s Dirt and Dust Clad,
But times could change for it from the Present Bad,
As Someone might just find it and to their Collection it might Add.
-Henal Jhaveri

Go Green!

Go Green!

The sun rises in the east and spreads it light,
Making the world livelier and bright,
The wind gently blows around,
It’s like music and has a soothing sound,
The trees, they stand green and tall,
Extending their arms and providing shade for all,
The flowers, they are so pretty, so delicate,
A treat to the eyes and having fragrances great,
All this, all around us is Mother Nature,
Everything evolves around her- every leaf, every drop, every creature,
But things have changed- trees are cut, the air is no more pure,
And we have given the Earth a lot too much to endure,
We are exploiting the Earth for our needs and being selfish and mean,
If this goes on then finding a tall tree or a garden would be a rare scene,
We must preserve and conserve what’s left of it,
Every person needs to realise this and do their bit.
-Henal Jhaveri

New Beginning.

That’s it! I QUIT, I can’t take it anymore,
Life’s too Harsh and there’s nothing to Live for,
This is the END, its all Black from here,
No changes can be made, not even a mere,
At some point of time, we all reach this low,
When everything seems Worthless and being Happy becomes something that we used to know,
At this phase, what one needs to do is accept things as they are,
Cause LIFE can’t be all Smiles and not even a single Scar,
So don’t waste your Time dwelling on what’s gone and done,
It’s the End of a thing that marks the rise of a new one,
Life’s out there with it’s Endless Possibilities and chances Infinite,
Go ahead, make a New Start and run for it with all your Might,
So the next time you feel like a LOSER, don’t just sit there Crying,
Remember the story of the spider who’s failure did not stop it from trying,
Keep in mind this one last thing,
This isn’t the end, but a possible NEW BEGINNING.
-Henal Jhaveri