It’s Life!

Its Life!It’s Life!

I see it, the casket being lowered into the dirt,
There are so many things I wish to say but words fail me,
I think of all the moments that made you the lively person you were,
But yet here you lay, still as a stone,
Life plays its cruel jokes, departing clueless souls,
Annihilating the lives of the near ones and leaving behind incurable scars and holes,
In this world, you arrived empty handed and you depart the same,
For death, all stand equal, no money, no class, no fame,
The end comes at the least contemplated day,
The esse of life ceases, the bones become an ash of gray,
Don’t let the flames and dirt take away what’s vital and can be put to use for the less fortunate,
Pledge to donate your organs, a selfless act which is really great,
A small effort on your part would bring about wonders in certain lives, play that part,
Let your eyes brighten up a blind’s world, let someone’s dreams beat in your heart,
The course of life is such that which is created has to die,
This is the ultimate truth, though it appears to be wry,
In this journey, you will lose your loved ones, your friend, a companion or even a new born,
It’s all a part of the mortal world, and as they always say life goes on!

-Henal Jhaveri

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Floating Faith.

Floating Faith

Floating Faith.

Religion is a collection of beliefs that connect human beings to a greater power. These powers are then broken down into several branches as different religions preach the beliefs of different deities. Idol worship is not uncommon in our country; in fact it forms the very basis of any religion. People visit their holy places of worship in faraway lands just to get a glimpse of their Almighty. Plenty of money is spent as a way of offering faith and worship. The so called messengers of God form an important part of religious practices. They have their own set of ideologies which they preach.

Then there is a group of people who put their faith in Science and reason. They have their own explanation for the creation of the universe. They believe in the Big Bang, while religion talks of God as the Almighty creator. There are also people who are confused. They pray, but do not have complete faith in it. They believe in scientific reasoning but fail to explain certain extraordinary happenings.

The world is full of people, some who believe in religion, some who don’t and some others who are not too sure. The best kind of practice to follow is that of Humanity. Do good, good will happen to you. Care for other human beings, and feel the responsibility. Donate your hard earned money to the less fortunate rather than offering it at a temple. Light a candle in places where people don’t know of light. It would bring smiles and give you a different form of bliss. Don’t choose to be hungry, feed the mouths who do not hold such choices. Put faith in yourself instead of waiting for miracles. People talk of places like heaven and hell, you do the good deeds and spread the joy, it would make your life on Earth heavenly!

Colours Of Life


Colours Of Life

The world would’ve been a very dull place,
If it had only the blacks, whites and grays,
The beauty of life would’ve been gone,
Nothing would seem lovely- not the flowers, the rainbow or the dawn,
Colours are the essence, they complete the scene,
With shades of red, blue, pink and green,
Every colour has its story, is unique in a way,
About the different shades of life, they have a lot to say,
The colour white shows being pure and clean,
And blue is for the calm and serene,
Red is the shade of love, warmth and care,
And green is to grow and prosper fair,
Black is the hue of the dark, the colour of the night,
And yellow goes for everything that is happy and bright,
All these colours bring out the true beauty and grace,
They come together and make this world a lively and magnificent place.

– Henal Jhaveri

Life’s A Gamble.

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Life’s A Gamble.

The cards are dealt and the money’s on stake,
This is the moment, it’s either make or break,
About the other’s deal you have no clue,
So go by your instincts and trust them too,
Play your cards well as you won’t be served twice,
Collect all you can or pay the price,
The odds may or may not be in your favour all the time,
One moment you may have plenty of dollars and the next, just a dime,
In this gamble of life people would cheat, people would lie,
Cuz all they want is to win while the stakes are still high,
So the next time you make an unexpected gain or a quick buck,
Well, it might just be your luck!
-Henal Jhaveri.

The Perfect Two.

The Perfect Two.
The Perfect Two.

Always there to tease you, to laugh at your silliness, to crack weird jokes on you, to be a helping hand, to wipe your tears, to always be by your side. Such are these weird creatures we fondly refer to as our ‘best friends’. They are very difficult to find, but once found the wait seems worthwhile. Best friends are the siblings we wish we had. We all have our little secrets with them which we know they’ll take to their graves and we’d do the same for them. A best friend is always there for you, no matter what. Friends come and go, they fall apart over mere misunderstandings and fights. But a best friend is one who gets through all the shit and at the end of the day would still be right there next to you calling you all crazy and stupid names. You feel all lonely, you know there’s someone to cheer you up. You screw up and nobody’s by your side, someone’s always got your back. People are mean to you, you know your bestie’s gonna kick their ass. A best friend knows you in and out, you can’t hide anything from them. They are like the FBI, can easily tell something is up with you by the look on your face. You can have plenty and plenty of friends, but only one would truly be interested in knowing about things that worry you, details about that cute guy, your innermost fears or just any random thing. And suddenly just these lines from the theme song of the awesomest TV show ever come to my mind-
“I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour..
I’ll be there for you, like I’ve been there before..
I’ll be there for you, cuz you’re there for me too.”
-Henal Jhaveri

At The Beach.

At The Beach.
Amidst the sea and the sands, lies the perfect place. The perfect place to chill, to hang out with your friends. Walking on the sand carelessly, running around or just peacefully standing in the wet sand while the water plays with your feet. It’s an awesome experience. The perfect place to have a little walk with your special someone. Hand in hand, in the peace and serenity. Yes beaches are quite romantic. They make u forget the actual world, the worries of each passing minute. You see children, those little architects building up tiny little castles or mountains. Everybody seems so happy.
-Henal Jhaveri

Water, When It Falls.

The soothing sound of water falling, the peace, the serenity- it seems like a perfect get away spot. Away from all the tension, the buzz and bruit of the city. Escape from the constant honking, the street side gaali galoch, the pressure of meeting deadlines, the emotional trauma and what not?! The water fall is a breath taking scene and the camera, it loves the fall. It’s a sight to capture. You could just get lost into it, well literally if you don’t know how to take a swim. 😛 So if tired of all the Mumbai mach mach, take a long drive and find your very own stress buster! 😉
-Henal Jhaveri

Of Stars And Smoke!

Of Stars And Smoke!

The festival of colours, the festival of lights,
Diwali is here, making the city livelier and brightening its nights,
Diyas, Lamps, Rangolis, Sweets,
Without these the festival’s incomplete,
The sky is like a canvas with splashes of colours here and there,
The air gets drastically polluted but no one really seems to care,
Its like adding fuel to the fire, polluting what’s already in a bad state,
Realise this and take control before its too late,
So this diwali instead of being stupid, light a diya, spread happiness and make someone smile,
And make this auspicious occasion a one that’s worthwhile.
-Henal Jhaveri